Submissions for Expressions of Interest for this grant are currently closed. The grant may be opened to Expressions of Interest again should any funding become available for reallocation.

This is one of six UK Shared Prosperity Key Funds available in Wrexham County Borough. Funding for the grant is provided by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

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This funding will provide revenue and capital grants to inform sites, premises and business development within Wrexham. 

Aimed at:

  • current property owners
  • prospective developers
  • businesses
  • investors 

The key fund will provide financial support to access a wide range of design, feasibility and viability studies to inform new innovative approaches on the reuse of properties and de-risking of brownfield sites in order to stimulate inward investment and Wrexham County Borough’s economy.  

The key fund would also provide capital grants for physical pieces of work and to deliver specific outputs as identified in funded or existing feasibility studies.

What the grant can be used for

  • Costs for commissioning a feasibility study - grants of up to £50,000
  • Specific elements of refurbishment work or pieces of equipment required (as identified within your feasibility study) - grants available from £30,000- £250,000

 Match funding requirements

  • Revenue grant (depending upon feasibility studies) -10% match funding 
  • Capital grant (including delivery of identified actions within feasibility studies) - 20% match funding 

How to apply

Applications for funding will follow a two-stage process:

Stage 1

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to outline your project which will allow us to verify if your organisation and proposed project is eligible to apply to the key fund.  

You will need to register an account for your organisation on MyAccount to be able to do this. 

Stage 2  

After submitting your EOI, we will assess whether your organisation and project is eligible to apply to the key fund. 

If it is eligible you will receive an email with a link to access the full application form. The form will be provided through MyAccount, which allows you to save progress, upload evidence and prepare your full application for submission. 

Once full applications are received, the next steps will be:

  1. The full application will be appraised by the relevant key fund team.
  2. Views sought from relevant stakeholders.
  3. The Local Advisory Panel will assess and prioritise the project, then approve or reject the full application. 
  4. All applicants will be advised of a decision.
  5. We will then issue formal grant funding agreements for successful applications 

By submitting a full application, you authorise us (Wrexham Council) to make any necessary enquiries to check any information that is required for the administration of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund programme. The information you provide may also be shared with others as stated within Wrexham’s Key Fund Privacy Notice.

How applications will be assessed

The full applications will be assessed on a first come first served basis and considered in terms of: 

  • eligibility
  • value for money based on outputs / outcomes to be achieved and in line with the scheme’s aims and objectives