(related to Wych Elm, Ulmus glabra)

A witch’s favourite tree perhaps?


  • Average height and spread up to 30 metres by 21 metres
  • Foliage: Deciduous
  • Leaves: Toothed, and 7–16cm in length. They have a characteristic asymmetrical base and taper to a sudden point at the top.
  • Native to UK: Yes 

Did you know?

  • Dutch Elm disease has wiped out the population of mature Wych Elms in the UK which is why we have chosen this Resistant Elm in this location. Dutch Elm disease is caused by a beetle that attacks the tree. It is thought that this beetle flies at a height of 10 metres and therefore misses young Elms but once the tree reaches a height or 10 metres or more it is in the flight path of the beetle and is therefore high risk. 
  • Wych Elms are not associated with witches. Instead the name relates to the wood being flexible. Medieval Welsh archers would make their bows out of Wych Elm. 
  • Planting trees in city centres helps tackle the urban heat island effect caused by buildings which makes urban areas hotter than rural areas. Trees offer shade as well as transpiration, which is when water within the tree is released as water vapour through their leaves, lowering the surrounding temperature around the tree.