Silver Birch

This trio of trees gets its name from the silvery white bark on its trunk. 


  • Average height and spread up to 25 metres by 10 metres
  • Foliage: Deciduous
  • Leaves: Light green, small and triangular-shaped with a toothed edge
  • Native to UK: Yes 

Did you know?

  • Silver birch is known as a pioneer tree species because it is often one of the first species to colonise land. It is also one of the first trees to come into leaf in Spring and as such it has been known to symbolise renewal and new beginnings.
  • Birch trees were used in Celtic folklore to cleanse and purify homes and drive out old spirits. Brooms are often made of birch twigs and are still traditionally used today to ‘purify’ a garden in Spring. 
  • The fine hairs covering the leaves capture significant levels of airborne pollutants making the birch a great urban tree for cleaning the air we breathe.