Weeping Willow

With its elegant, graceful shape the Weeping Willow is easily recognisable because of its distinctive drooping branches.


  • Average height and spread up to 15m by 12m. 
  • Foliage: Deciduous 
  • Leaves: long, narrow, alternate leaves They have bright green above, bluish-green undersides. 
  • Native to the UK: No 

Did you know? 

  • There are over 400 species of willow across the world. 
  • Willow bark and sap contains a substance called say called salicylic acid which was used to relieve pain and lower fever as far back as 5th century BC in ancient Greece. 
  • Willows have inspired many artists, poets and writers over the centuries. Discover Monet’s ‘Weeping Willow’, Shakespeare’s ‘Willow Song’ in his play ‘Othello’ and in modern literature, read about the ‘Whomping Willow’ in the Harry Potter book series.