As part of our efforts to support residents through the cost of living crisis, we have established community ‘warm places’ in Wrexham. These are already existing warm spaces where people can come to stay warm.

Our libraries are safe and welcoming places where anyone who wants to, can come inside to be comfortable.

Libraries taking part

  • Brynteg Library 
  • Cefn Mawr Library 
  • Chirk Library 
  • Coedpoeth Library
  • Gwersyllt Library
  • Llay Library
  • Overton Library 
  • Rhos Library 
  • Ruabon Library 
  • Wrexham Library 

You can find opening times and addresses on the ‘your local library’ page

Support and advice

Income and finance advice

If you are struggling to pay your bills, you may be entitled to financial help and advice.

If you’re a council tenant you can also access support, advice and guidance through the Financial Inclusion Officers based in your local housing estate offices.

Home energy saving advice

Some easy steps you can take to save energy at home include:

  • Replacing traditional lightbulbs with LED bulbs which use less energy
  • Draught proofing your home, using foam tubing on windows and a draught brush on your letterbox
  • Filling your washing machine each time you use it, so you have fewer loads
  • Only boiling the amount of water you need
  • Making sure any devices aren’t left on standby
  • Adjusting your radiator thermostats (if you have them)
  • Insulating your hot water cylinder
  • Checking your boiler pressure (external link)

The following organisations offer advice on ways to reduce your energy usage and save money.

Energy saving advice for businesses

You could reduce energy costs for your business by:

  • Conducting your own energy audit
  • Switching your energy supplier, or changing to a new tariff
  • Making sure any devices aren’t left on standby
  • Encouraging the people you work with to be energy efficient

If you have the budget, these steps could help you save money in the long term:

  • Getting incandescent lightbulbs with LEDs
  • Getting energy-efficient office equipment
  • Getting a programmable thermostat installed
  • Getting your workplace appropriately insulated
  • Getting energy management software, which lets you know if you’re using too much energy

The following organisations offer advice on ways to reduce energy usage and save money.

Other tips/advice

The following organisations offer advice on saving money by reducing your impact on the environment.