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Changes in financial arrangements from the Welsh Assembly Government over the years has resulted in a significant reduction in the funding the council provides to private section housing. This has resulted in the Housing Renewal Strategy not being adequately funded.

In has become evident that new ways of funding the strategy needed to be explored, along with colleagues from Denbighshire and Flintshire, a Home Loans Pilot with backing from the Assembly through the Home Improvement Trust to supplement grant aid with loans and also to provide a full comprehensive renewal service for those willing to pay.

To encourage owner / occupiers to take more responsibility for the improvements to their homes, grant aid will be available for ancillary fees associated in obtaining loans under Houseproud and for the service of the Councils In-House Agency to prepare and supervise the improvements under the initiative equating to 12% of the contract sum.


Grant aid for the costs of the ancillary fee’s and legal charges only. Cost of In-House Agency and Admin Agency 12% of the net contract sum.


Owner / Occupiers over 60 years of age or those owner / occupiers with a disabled person living within the household.