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Discipline and Exclusions

Fixed Period Exclusions: Information for those with parental responsibility

Schools take excluding pupils seriously and it is not a step that is taken lightly.

What does it mean if my child has been excluded from school for a fixed period?

The headteacher will have informed you in writing that your child cannot attend the school during a specified period of time.  A date for your child’s return to school will be set at the time of the exclusion.  Your child can be excluded for up to 45 days in a school year.

Pupils who have been excluded must be kept at home until they are allowed to return to school.  They must not enter school premises whilst excluded.

What if my child is over compulsory school age e.g. in the Sixth Form?

As your child is still on the roll of the school the usual exclusion procedures are followed.

Do I have the right to look at my child’s school records?

Yes under Regulation 6 and 7 of the Education (School Records) Regulation 1989, you have the right of access to the school’s curricular records and other educational records for your child.

Your request for access to your child’s records should be made to the governing body of the school.  To do this you can write to the headteacher or chair of governors at the school address.

What happens to my child’s education in the meantime?

The school will make arrangements for work to be set for your child to do at home and to have this marked until he or she returns to school.  Please contact the school to arrange this.

What if my child is excluded for a fixed period and is due to sit exams during that time?

Arrangements will normally be made for your child to sit the exams.  Please contact the school to discuss the matter.

What should I do if I disagree with my child’s exclusion?

If you do not agree with the headteacher’s decision to exclude your child for a fixed period you have the right to make representation (i.e. make your case) to the governors’ discipline committee.  If the exclusion is for more than15 days (in total in any one term) or your child may miss a public exam, a meeting of the governors’ discipline committee will be set up to decide whether your child should be reinstated.

If you decide that you wish to put your case to the governing body you and your child will be invited to a meeting of the school governors’ discipline committee (usually three governors) at which you will be able to state your case.

This meeting will be arranged as soon as practicable but in the case of short fixed period exclusions the pupil will often be back in school before the meeting can take place.  If the meeting takes place after your child has gone back it still provides an opportunity for you to put your views about the exclusion to the governors.

In presenting your case you will need to show that your child has been dealt with unfairly either because you disagree with the description of the offence(s) or that exclusion is too harsh a consequence for what happened.  If you want to do so, you can bring someone with you (usually a friend, another family member, an interpreter or signer) to the meeting to help put your view or help keep a record of what happens.

You will be notified, in writing, of the decision of the governors discipline committee following the meeting and the reason for that decision.

Who will be at the meeting?

A panel of governors, usually three, the headteacher and sometimes other senior members of staff.

Sometimes an officer from the education department (to advise on the appropriateness of the exclusion and procedures) may also attend.

What happens at the meeting?

The chair of the governors’ discipline committee will welcome you to the meeting, introduce everyone present and explain what will happen at the meeting and the exclusion procedure.  The headteacher, or other appropriate member of staff, will explain why your child was excluded.  You will then be able to ask the headteacher questions about his/her report and be able to put your own case.  The governors may then ask you or your child questions concerning either the headteacher’s report or matters you have raised.  When the panel feel able to make a decision they will close the meeting and everyone will leave except the governors.  You will be notified, in writing, of the governors’ decision immediately following the meeting.

These arrangements apply to all maintained schools.