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If you need support to digitally submit your forms you can visit your local housing estate office or the allocations team.

Can I apply with someone else?

If you and your partner are both eligible for council housing, we will accept an application from both of you. We call this a 'joint application'. If you do submit a joint application, remember that:

  • You will both be responsible for paying the rent and keeping to the council’s tenancy agreement. If one of you breaks any tenancy conditions we can take legal action against both of you. 
  • You will both be liable for paying the rent and keeping to the tenancy conditions even if one of you no longer lives there. A joint tenancy only ends if one party obtains a court order, or gives notice to terminate the tenancy (any court costs incurred in ending a joint tenancy may be the responsibility of the parties involved). 
  • If either of you choose to end the tenancy, it will end for both parties. We will work with any remaining joint tenants to try to reach an agreeable outcome but we cannot guarantee that you will be re-housed or that you will be able to stay in the property if, for example, it is too big for your needs.

How to apply

You’ll need to fully complete a housing application form. If you need support to digitally submit your forms you can visit your local housing estate office or the allocations team.

You must supply all the information we need or your form will be returned to you, and your application will be delayed.

If you have health or welfare issues you want us to take into account, complete a special needs and medical assessment form. We’ll then consider this when dealing with your application and prioritising it.

Any documentation you provide to support your application, and as proof of your housing need, must be correct and up to date.

If you supply false or misleading information, this will delay your application being registered and we could withdraw any offer of accommodation we make to you.

It’s a criminal offence to get a tenancy based on false or misleading information.

What if my circumstances change?

Let us know immediately if your circumstances change.

It could mean that your priority banding alters. A change in your circumstances can include a change of address, or a member of your family leaving or joining your household.

We could withdraw your offer of accommodation if it was based on out of date information.

Can my application be placed in a different band after I apply? 

If your circumstances change, your application may be placed into a different band. Depending on the change, your application could be placed in a higher or lower band.

If your application is moved into a higher band, we will use the date your circumstances change to prioritise your application. We do this because we recognise that people have already been waiting in the higher band with a need to move for a longer period of time.

If your application stays in the same band or it is moved to a lower one, your date of application will not change.

Can I choose where I live?

When you apply for housing you can state your preference for the areas you’d like to live in, and the type of property you’d prefer.

We aim to provide properties to applicants who need accommodation of that size. We may be able to offer you a property that’s bigger than you need, but in areas with few vacancies or very high demand this won’t be possible. Remember, if you think you’ll be able to claim Housing Benefit, or if you already claim it, you may not receive enough Housing Benefit to cover the full cost of the rent, if the property is bigger than Government regulations say you need.

Household typeProperty type
(* depending upon local demand and supply)
Single applicant(s)
  • Bedsit
  • 1 bedroom flat
  • 1 bedroom house
Single applicant(s) with access to children
  • 1 bedroom flat
  • 1 bedroom house
  • 2 bedroom flat
Applicant and partner without children/ or with access to children
  • 1 bedroom flat
  • 1 bed maisonette
  • 1 bedroom house
  • 2 bed flat
Applicant(s) with one child, or non- dependent or households expecting their first child
  • 2 bed flat
  • 2 bed maisonette
  • 2 bed house
Applicant(s) with two or three children or non-dependents
  • 2/3 bed flat
  • 2/3 bed maisonette
  • 2/3 bed house
  • 4 bed house (depending the age of the children)
Applicant(s) with four or more children or non-dependents
  • 3 or 4 bedroom flat
  • 3 or 4 bedroom maisonette
  • 3 or 4 bedroom house
Single person/couple over 601/2 bed accommodation that has been classed as being suitable for older persons
Households with a physically disabled family member, requiring level access, or an adapted property, depending on the nature of any disability or illness and supported by Health & Social Care needs.Adapted properties suitable for their needs, or properties suitable for adaptation. This may include sheltered accommodation, supported housing, bungalows or ground floor accommodation

Specific needs housing

As well as general needs housing, we have some accommodation suitable for applicants with more specific housing needs.

Adapted properties

We have a number of adapted properties and we try to allocate these to applicants who’ve been assessed as needing adapted housing. We do this by working with other departments, specialist housing staff and local housing associations.

Supported housing 

We sponsor partner projects that support vulnerable people and improve their wellbeing.

A list of the projects we currently sponsor is available to request from Housing Services, Ruthin Road, Wrexham.

Applications from current council tenants

If you are already a council tenant, you can apply to move to another property, provided you have not broken any of the conditions of your tenancy (for example engaged in serious anti-social behaviour). We call this a ‘transfer'. If you do apply for re-housing and there are issues with your current tenancy we will write to you to let you know what the problems are and what action you need to take.

What if I want to change my tenancy?

If you don’t want to move from your current home but you do want to change your tenancy (for example you want to succeed to a tenancy, or have a joint tenancy with your spouse, civil partner or partner), contact your local housing estate office. These requests are dealt with differently and you don’t need to fill out a housing application form.

Map of council housing in Wrexham County Borough

This map shows where we have council housing, not what is currently available to rent.

If you are applying for housing online, you may want to make a note of your preferred areas so you don’t have to keep switching pages.

If we have decided that you are homeless we may be able to help you find accommodation through other social or private landlords in the areas shown on the map. Please contact our Housing Options team about this.