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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Here in Wrexham we have a great recycling rate but we could still do so much more! Check out the Waste and Recycling pages for more information on what, when and where you can recycle. Meanwhile here are some common recycling myths.

Mythbusting recycling myths: Fact or Fiction?

“It all ends up landfill either in the UK or somewhere abroad”

Fiction! Your recycling is separated and sorted at the kerbside and then baled at the Recycling Park on Wrexham Industrial Estate. Then the materials such as paper, plastic and cans are sent on to reprocessors in the UK where your recycling is transformed into new products. There is also an in built vessel composter for food and garden waste at the Recycling Park. It is anticipated that during the summer of 2014, there will also be a fully operational Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) Plant located on the Recycling Park. This MBT Plant will process refuse from your black wheelie bin, extracting different materials which can be recycled with the remaining waste being used to produce a refuse derived fuel (RDF) for heat and energy generation elsewhere, leaving only a very small amount of waste going to landfill.

“Recycling is a waste of time and is more work for me!”

Fiction! Recycling in Wrexham couldn’t be easier with kerbside collections for paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, tins, garden waste and food waste. There are household recycling centres in Brymbo, Plas Madoc and Wrexham Industrial Estate where you can take a variety of items to be recycled including electrical items, wood and batteries. There are also a number of neighbourhood recycling centres where you can recycle textiles, paper, cans, glass and plastic. For more information see the Waste and Recycling in Wrexham link at the bottom of the page

“Recycling costs more”

Fiction! Sending waste to landfill is not cheaper due to landfill disposal taxes and fines if recycling targets are not met. The use of landfill and the pollution it produces is expensive and controversial and the cost of using landfill is set to increase. Also most products use less energy and water during the recycling process than manufacture from new.

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