There are a few places in Wrexham where you can donate clean, good quality bulky items - such as household furniture, electronic equipment and garden furniture. 

When you donate items to a local reuse organisation they will be sold to fund charitable causes. By donating items this also helps to reduce unnecessary waste and the associated negative impacts on the environment.

Organisations who offer bulky item collections

The following organisations can collect donated bulky items and resell them, so they can be reused by new owners.

British Heart Foundation

Nightingale House Hospice

Please contact the organisations directly to ask about their specific requirements and to discuss whether your item(s) are eligible for collection.

Donate items at our household recycling centres

Can I take furniture and electrical items to a household recycling centre?

Yes.  You can transport bulky household items from your home to our three household recycling centres.

You can place any good quality item(s) in a container at these sites reserved specifically for reuse. 

Is there a reuse shop at any of the household recycling centres?

Yes. The Bryn Lane site on Wrexham Industrial Estate has a Nightingale House Hospice reuse shop that will accept items such as: 

  • electrical items including hoovers and blenders
  • furniture such as chairs and dressers
  • children’s toys and equipment such as prams and highchairs 
  • sports equipment such as golf clubs and bags, weights and even skates 
  • CDs,  DVDs and books
  • bicycles and garden tools

You can also purchase items whilst in the Nightingale House Hospice reuse shop.

Can I arrange to have a bulky item collected from my home?

Yes. You can request a bulky item collection for certain items that are too large or heavy to be taken away with the normal bin collections.