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Planning Applications : Have Your Say

Search, View and Comment on Planning Applications Online

If you are making a comment online please note that this facility will ‘Timeout/Expire’ after approximately 15 minutes.

People in Wrexham County Borough who want to comment on planning applications or apply for planning permission are being invited to have their say at the Council’s Planning Committee before decisions on major or controversial proposals are made.

All planning applications are publicised so that anyone affected by the proposal has a chance to comment before a decision is made. A copy of the application is also sent to the Community Council and we notify your local Councillor. Details of planning applications can be viewed on our website together with useful help and guidance. All planning applications and plans are available to view at our Planning Office where someone will be available to give you advice or explain what is proposed more clearly.

How to make a Comment on a Planning Application

We welcome correspondence in Welsh. We will respond to any correspondence in Welsh which will not lead to a delay.

If you wish to make a comment in support or against a planning proposal please select a "case number" to view the application details. This page will provide brief details of the submitted application. You are advised to select the "view document" button at the top of the page to view the application form, detailed drawings and any other relevant information before you make any comment. After viewing all relevant documents please select "Back" and "Back" again to return to the Planning Case page. There are notes available on this page that will explain about the application process.

If you wish to make a comment on the planning application please select "make comment". You will be required to provide details about yourself on the form before you add your comment in the space provided. You will be asked if your overall view is "in support" or "against" the proposal and to complete a "word verification" before you select "submit" Your comment will be sent to the case officer who will take into account your view before a decision is made. You will receive an acknowledgement and will be informed of the decision.