Councillors are entitled to receive a salary, and are also entitled to travel allowances. There are additional payments for councillors with extra responsibilities.

Pay and expense claims

Councillors do not set their own salaries. The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales is responsible for determining the level of payments to elected members.

Pension scheme

Councillors are also entitled to join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), which is a statutory, funded pension scheme.  It is very secure as its benefits are defined and set out in law.  

Highlights of the LGPS include:

  • a tax-free lump sum when you retire 
  • an annual pension based on your career average pay 
  • the ability to increase your pension by paying additional contributions 
  • voluntary retirement from age 55 
  • retirement from age 50 to 54 with your authority’s consent 
  • an ill health pension from any age 
  • a death in service lump sum of two times your career average pay 
  • a spouse’s or civil partner’s pension (as well as any eligible children) 
  • the index-linking of benefits to ensure that they keep pace with inflation 

Further information on the scheme is provided as part of your induction pack if you are elected.