Rossett is a large village located approximately 6.5 miles to the north of Wrexham and close to the Cheshire and English border. The village is bounded to the west by the A483 dual carriageway and the Wrexham to Chester railway line. To the south flows the River Alyn which loops round to the north east where it joins the River Dee, its meandering course demarcating the English and Welsh border. The surrounding countryside is typically flat and intensively farmed with an abundance of hedges and hedge row trees. Long views across the flat open farmland are achievable to the north and east where gaps in development and lower hedge rows permit. To the south and west the landscape is more dramatic against the backdrop of the Welsh Hills.

The Rossett Conservation Area was designated in October 2011. The Rossett Conservation Area Character Assessment and Management Plan was also adopted in October 2011. The Rossett article 4(2) direction came into effect in January 2012.