We rent out garages within Wrexham County. If you’re a council tenant you’ll be given priority when applying, although private housing tenants can apply as well.

Contact your local housing office if you’re interested in renting a garage in your area.

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How to pay your garage rent

If you are a council tenant the garage rent is paid weekly with your property rent.

If you are not a council tenant you will be sent an invoice quarterly, which will explain the ways you can pay. To pay online select ‘Debtors Invoices’ from the ‘All shops’ options on our e-store (providing your invoice number as the reference):

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What if I want to terminate the garage tenancy?

You must give us at least one weeks’ notice in writing. We will then write to you to confirm the date of termination and the date your keys should be returned by.

Notice to end a garage tenancy

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