At Wrexham Council we are working with Keep Wales Tidy to deliver Caru Cymru, the biggest ever initiative to eradicate litter and waste (with all 22 local authorities in Wales taking part).

The Caru Cymru project aims to inspire everyone to take action and care for the environment.

The vision for Caru Cymru (a Welsh phrase meaning ‘Love Wales’) is that it will become second nature for people to do the right thing, by taking litter home and cleaning up after their dog, recycling ‘on-the-go’, and also reusing/ repairing items.

Litter picking hubs

There are several active litter picking hubs placed around Wrexham where you can borrow equipment for free, to support the campaign.

The litter picking kit you can borrow includes pickers, high visibility vests, green bags and hoops for holding open the bags.

Users are also insured whilst using the kits on Keep Wales Tidy’s insurance.

Borrow equipment

You can contact your nearest hub to book a date and time to collect a kit for free. You could borrow a single litter picker for yourself or up to 20 (depending on the hubs capacity) for different amounts of time (for example an hour or a couple of days) as long as you return loaned items by the agreed date in their original condition.  

A staff member will explain the process and ask you to fill out a form before and complete it after your litter pick.

Becoming a hub

If you are interested in your venue/building becoming a hub, or know of somewhere suitable, please get in touch.

Hubs are either open to the public and staffed with a suitable storage area, or able to be staffed when kits are booked out with a suitable storage area.

An official hub launch would take place when everything is set up.


There are two sizes of kits available; either a kit of 10 or 20 pickers, high visibility vests, green bags and hoops for holding open the bags. Both kit sizes come in a storage bag along with a few boxes of bags so the storage area only needs to be small (a lockable cupboard for example).

The Keep Wales Tidy officer will be able to provide free replacements bags on request.

The Epicollect system

The Keep Wales Tidy officer provides training for hub staff before opening which sets you up on a simple system named Epicollect. Using the forms completed by those who borrow the equipment, you must use Epicollect to record how many bags are collected and from where.

The recording process takes about 5 minutes, we can then use to map areas of the county that have been litter picked and who by.

Litter Free Zones

Businesses and schools can ‘adopt’ an area local to them and help keep it clean through regular litter picks.

Schools are given their own free litter picking kit when they sign up. The kits include:

  • a pack of 5 or 10 litter pickers
  • high visibility vests 
  • hoops for bags 
  • green or red sacks for litter picks

You can also request equipment in a smaller size, for younger children.

Free digital resources will be available to promote your new status. The Keep Wales Tidy project officer and the Caru Cymru Officer for Wrexham will also be able to provide support and promote your status.

The Keep Wales Tidy officer will set your school/business up on our recording system where you will need to log your litter picks through the free Epicollect app (or website) and be able to share this information for publicity and to provide evidence for any funding.

Duty of Care

We all have a ‘Duty of Care’ to make sure that our waste is disposed of responsibly and safely. If you fail to meet this duty of care, you could receive a £300 fixed penalty notice (FPN) – or an unlimited fine if prosecuted.

When a trader takes your household waste it then becomes trade waste – meaning they cannot take it to any of Wrexham’s three household recycling centres. Trade waste always needs to be taken to a designated waste site instead.

Remember you can take your own household waste to your local household recycling centre for free. You can also request a bulky household item removal if you have items that are too large or too heavy to be taken away with the normal bin collections. 

If you decide to go to a trader instead you should follow these steps:

Find a reputable waste carrier

Make sure you take responsibility for your own rubbish by finding a reputable waste carrier to remove household waste. Many unregistered waste carriers end up fly tipping on our streets (find more about this topic on our fly tipping page).

As a householder you could get a fine if your waste is found dumped.

Registered traders will have a waste carrier's licence number, however having a licence does not guarantee they will tip your waste responsibly.

There are an increasing number of individuals showing a waste carrier’s licence, but still fly-tipping rubbish across the county borough.

We recommend using an established company with good reviews. Be wary of individuals offering cheap removals on social media platforms.

What to do when the waste carrier arrives

1. Check the waste carrier's licence number

The number will begin with ‘CBD’ and ends with 1 to 6 numbers.

Ask for this number and check for it on the Natural Resources Wales ‘waste carriers, brokers and dealers public register’.

2.  Take notes

Make sure to write down/record their name (or business name), vehicle type, vehicle registration and the date they took your waste away.

3. Ask them where your waste is going

If you become concerned that the trader is not going to legally dispose of your waste you can call the police (non-emergency) on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Dog fouling

Leave only pawprints

Dogs in the UK produce approximately 1000 tonnes of faeces every day and dog-fouling is top of many people’s list of concerns about waste found on the streets.

As well as carrying harmful bugs, which can lead to infection, asthma and even blindness, all sorts of worm and bacteria can live in soil long after the dog mess has decomposed.

Toxocara T.Canis is an infection caused by roundworm parasites, which can spread from dogs to humans via infected faeces. Children are the most likely to be exposed to the infection whilst playing in parks and playgrounds.

There are Dog Control Orders in place in Wrexham County Borough, to manage the handling and behaviour of dogs. The orders cover dog fouling, and excludes dogs from children’s play areas, market sports pitches and bowling greens.

Dog owner responsibility

By law, if you are a dog owner/handler you must pick up faeces left by your dog in public spaces. If you do not, you could be given a £75 fixed penalty notice (which are given as an alternative to a prosecution in court).

Picking up after your dog is easy, and freshly deposited faeces are not infectious. Although there are many dog-fouling bins around, bagged dog fouling can also be disposed of in general litter bins. If there is not a bin nearby, it should be disposed of responsibly back home.

It is an offence not to have something with you to remove dog fouling when walking your dog.

Report dog fouling

You can report dog fouling using our online form.

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