How much do I need to pay?

It depends on your property band, decided by The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) who value all domestic properties in England and Wales, and place properties in one of nine bands. The VOA is an independent agency and not part of the council. 

The VOA have calculated your valuation band based on property prices as at 1st April 2003. This is known as the ‘valuation date’. The set date ensures that all properties are assessed as at a fixed point in time, ensuring a fairer system for everyone.

The VOA takes account of the size, age, character and locality of your property and sales data from around the valuation date to arrive at the correct valuation band. If your property was built after the 1st April 2003 the VOA will band your property according to what the value would have been on that date, using comparable sales data. 

Each property band has a range of values and the amount you actually pay is dependant on the band into which your property has been placed. These bands range from ‘A to I’ with ‘A’ being the lowest charge, up to ‘I’ being the highest charge made. The property bands and values for Wales are shown in the table below.

How is my property valued?
Band Range of values
A Under £44,000
B £44,001 - £65,000
C £65,001 - £91,000
D £91,001 - £123,000
E £123,001 - £162,000
F £162,001 - £223,000
G £223,001 - £324,000
H £324,001 - £424,000
I £424,001 and over

If you feel your property has been incorrectly banded, or want more info on how your property is valued, visit the Valuation Office Agency website (external link).

Council Tax Band Charges 2022/2023

What is my money spent on?
2021/2022 Gross Expenditure £ Service 2022/2023 Gross Expenditure £
49,639,392 Environment and Technical 51,373,462
55,641,145 Housing and Economy 58,659,706
91,422,985 Social Care 103,135,832
133,780,373 Education & Early Intervention (Including Schools) 143,030,421
28,830,920 Corporate, Central and Other Services 26,181,896
359,314,815 Total All Services 382,381,317
259,650 Discretionary Relief 259,650
359,574,465 Total Council Fund 382,640,967
55,401,000 Housing Revenue Account 57,051,000
414,975,465 Total Gross Expenditure 439,691,967
Where does the money come from?
2021/2022 Income £ Where the money comes from 2022/2023 Income £ 
100,082,831 Fees, charges and grants 101,966,627
55,401,000 Housing Rents 57,051,000
188,856,177 Welsh Government Funding 207,059,829
344,340,008 Total Income 366,077,456
70,635,457 What is left to be paid by Council Tax 73,614,511
116,384 Less amount raised in special expenses 116,862
70,519,073 Amount raised by general Council Tax 73,497,649
53,553 Divided by: Tax base (Band D equivalent) 53,665
1,316.81 General charge at Band D 1,369,56