Carrying out improvements 

In many instances you may require our consent - this is because as a landlord we have a duty of care to protect other residents in the block. We won’t refuse permission unless we have good reason to do so, but in some instances conditions will be attached. These are to make sure that the work is done by a competent contractor and completed to a reasonable standard.

Even if you do get our consent, you may still require planning permission and/or building regulations approval before the work can begin.

If you choose to sell the property in the future, questions are normally raised by solicitors regarding alterations - so it’s in your best interest to let us know so that we’re aware of what alterations you’ve carried out.

What types of alterations/improvements require landlord's consent?

  • Any addition or alteration to the structure of the flat and/or block; or
  • Individual garden area, where applicable
  • Installation of new windows and exterior doors
  • Removal of any internal walls
  • Major plumbing, electrical and gas works

We’ll consider a variety of additions, alterations or improvements but no consent is given for the conversion of a loft space. This area isn’t included in the ownership of an individual flat and remains within the ownership of the landlord.

If you carry out any these works without getting our consent beforehand you’ll be breaking the conditions of your lease. We’ll have the right to ask you to restore the property back to how it was, or we’ll arrange to do it and you’ll be charged the relevant costs for doing so.

The following types of alterations/improvements don’t require landlord's consent...

  • Internal decoration
  • Minor plumbing or electrical works
  • New interior doors
  • Upgrading of bathrooms or kitchens

Landlord's right of entry

If at any time we have reason to become concerned about works you've carried out either with or without consent, we have the right (providing we give you reasonable notice) to enter the premises to view the works.