We offer a service for vehicles that need to park outside premises in order to complete works or deliver heavy items.

About yellow line dispensations

The dispensation allows people to park on a single yellow line (or in special cases on double yellow lines) if a vehicle is required to carry out a specific work purpose, there is a need to be as close to the premises as possible, and there is no alternative parking space available.

They are generally not for use on areas with a loading ban (usually indicated by markings on the pavement kerb).

There are some roads in Wrexham town centre that are subject to an 'access only' restriction which means you may also need permission from the police to access a particular road as well as from us.

Eligibility criteria

You may be eligible for a dispensation if you fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Your vehicle is too large to fit within a normal parking bay (for example trailer/generator attached/commercial vehicle) and you need to park as close as possible to the premises on a yellow line.
  • You are carrying out one of the following types of work or handling one of the following substances:

- Carrying or towing a tar boiler
- Removal and loading of asbestos
- Carrying hazardous or dangerous chemicals for use at the premises
- Glass/window installation where a glass rack is fitted to the vehicle’s side
- Sand blasting or equivalent where cables or tubes run from the vehicle to the façade or inside of a building
- A mobile workshop having equipment fitted to the floor of the vehicle (such as welding equipment, generators or compressors)
- Handling roofing or drainage equipment

  • Funerals

How to apply 

You will need to provide:

  • Full address details of where the work or service is being carried out
  • Vehicle registration of the vehicle being used
  • Description of the nature of the work or service
  • Dates for when you require this permit
  • Your contact details (email or postal address)

You can apply for a parking dispensation using our online form: 

Apply now


Alternatively you can apply by phone by calling 01978 298989 (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm). You can also apply for a dispensation by post, addressed to:

Wrexham County Borough Council
Parking Services 
The Environment Department Depot
Abbey Road South
Wrexham Industrial Estate
LL13 9PW


  • 1 day - £17
  • up to 7 days - £33

To pay by credit/debit card call 01978 298989, or pay in cash at the Contact Centre in Lord Street (you will need a reference number from our parking services team before you go to the Contact Centre).

Parking dispensations – conditions of use

  1. The dispensation must be placed in the windscreen of the vehicle to which it applies. Please ensure all the dispensation details can be clearly seen from the outside.
  2. The dispensation is only valid for use during the times and on the days shown on the dispensation.
  3. The vehicle may only be parked on a single or double yellow line on the street shown on the dispensation and is not valid in areas with a loading ban.
  4. The vehicle must be relocated if requested to do so by a Wrexham Council civil enforcement officer or duty officer, North Wales Police officer or PCSO - even if you have a dispensation. This will only happen in circumstances where emergency access or traffic flow is impeded.
  5. The dispensation is not transferable.
  6. The council reserves the right to inspect the vehicle by an authorised officer or authorised agent of the council, at all reasonable times for the purposes of verifying the works and/or authenticity of the dispensation.