Our school meals catering service works to provide a good range of meal choices, with nutritional food to help children grow and develop. 

What do school meals provide?

The school meals catering service in primary schools offers a fixed price two course menu, with a daily choice of two main course meals, or filled jacket potatoes and salad or a packed lunch, plus a freshly prepared pudding or fresh fruit. 

In high schools a fixed price two course menu is also offered, as well as a set price meal of the day, a full range of individually priced cafeteria items, including a range of salads, sandwiches, desserts and drinks.

A vegetarian option is available daily in primary schools and high schools.

School meal prices 

  • Infant school meal - £2.40
  • Junior school meal - £2.40
  • Secondary school and St Christopher’s daily special and free meal allowance - £2.45
  • Adult meals - £3.20

School meal menus 

Primary schools have three different menus, which repeat on a three week cycle.

After each school holiday the first week back will always be the ‘week one’ menu.

High schools have two different menus, which repeat on a two week cycle.

After each school holiday the first week back will always be the ‘week one’ menu.

Subscribe to primary school menu emails

You can subscribe to have menus sent straight to your inbox every week. Once you’re signed up you’ll receive the set menu for the following week every Sunday, at 3:30pm. 

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School packed lunches

A school packed lunch costs the same as the cooked meals, and includes...

  • Choice of sandwich, wrap or roll (with a cheese, tuna, meat or egg filling) or a pasta salad box
  • Choice of fresh fruit
  • Water or milk
  • Dessert of the day, shortbread, oaty biscuit or yoghurt

If your child is entitled to a free meal, a packed lunch can be provided on request.

Packed lunches can be requested in advance or selected from the counter at lunchtime.

All school packed lunches are properly stored in fridges until needed at lunchtime.

The packed lunches provide a well-balanced healthy meal for your child and are fully compliant with national nutritional guidelines for primary schools.

Why should I choose a school meal for my child?

School meals offer good value for money, and are prepared by fully trained and qualified catering staff. They cover a range of food groups which fit the nutritional standards set for school lunches by the Welsh Government. 

A choice of vegetables are provided with meals, along with a variety of carbohydrate options to choose, including rice and pasta (chips should be available only once a week)

Can special dietary needs be catered for?

Yes, if your child has any special dietary needs they can be catered for - contact your child’s school cook to let them know/discuss your child’s specific needs.