We provide a service that supports Welsh latecomers joining Welsh Medium schools. 

The support starts as soon as your child has transferred over to a Welsh medium school within Wrexham County. Your child would receive support until they have reached a level of learning in line with their peers.

Children are unbelievably successful at immersing themselves and learning new languages. After transferring, most children continue in their Welsh medium settings. 

There is lots of support offered to the child and family, to make sure the transition works for everyone.

Primary latecomers

We welcome and support any child that wishes to transfer to a Welsh medium primary school. Our support package includes:

  • Welsh latecomers outreach support within the school until your child has reached a sufficient level of learning
  • A support package for the teacher and supporting staff.
  • The option for your child to attend our Language Centre ‘Cynefin’ - to immerse themselves intensively with our team of experienced immersion officers before returning to the school and continuing with outreach support.
  • A support package for parents / families and an opportunity to meet with a member of the Welsh Immersion team to discuss the support we offer and you can support your child too.

How long will my child be supported by the Welsh Immersion team?

Each child will be supported for varying lengths of time depending on their age, engagement, and many other factors. We will continue to support the child until the child no longer needs us.

Your child will be supported until they have reached a good level of Welsh (similar to their peers) and are confident in their own ability.

What if I decide to move my child but they continue to struggle to learn the language?

We have a Welsh Language centre called ‘Cynefin’, supported by Welsh Government funding. The centre runs courses that help children with their language learning journey. 

Courses have been specifically designed to support different aspects of language learning. For more information about which course may be most helpful to your child please contact your school (check our schools list) or email us at trochi@wrexham.gov.uk.

Welsh Immersion for secondary education

The Welsh Immersion scheme allows pupils to transfer from English medium primary schools to Ysgol Morgan Llwyd; to access Welsh medium education.

You should consider whether it would benefit your child, later on in life, to be fluent in two languages (you can find out about some of the benefits on the main Welsh medium education page). A number of pupils transfer yearly to Ysgol Morgan Llwyd from English medium primary schools, and have adapted seamlessly to Welsh medium education.

Year 6 pupils currently attending English medium schools can access support through the immersion scheme based at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd. Immersion pupils are supported until they reach full fluency to the level of their peers and join mainstream classes by the start of Year 9. 

How the immersion scheme works

Before fully attending Ysgol Morgan Llwyd in September, pupils will have the opportunity to be supported by our latecomers outreach team during the last spring term within their primary settings. Then, following the May half term they will begin a six week taster immersion course based at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd.  

The course places an emphasis on learning through a range of fun activities. We introduce the Welsh language in several ways, which can include:

  • games/fun activities
  • creating podcasts
  • composing
  • kung fu
  • gardening
  • cookery
  • correspondence projects
  • regular trips to practice Welsh language skills outside of the school setting

The course is developed around pupil-led ideas and children’s wellbeing is central to every part of the course. Our smaller immersion group numbers are well suited for supporting every child to be happy, confident and effective learners. 

We regularly keep in touch and meet with parents / guardians – so you would be actively updated and involved in your child’s progress.

More information

Will my child spend time with their mainstream peers?

Your child will spend around 65% of their time in the Welsh immersion unit with the other Welsh immersion students and the rest of the time attending some subjects in the main school with their immersion peers and some in mixed classes with mainstream pupils.

What happens if my child doesn’t enjoy the immersion course?

We do hope that every child enjoys the experience, however the Year 6 taster period is a good opportunity for your child to experience what we have to offer. They can then decide whether or not they want to continue in Year 7.

Will my child miss out on Year 6 leaver’s activities while on the Welsh course?

We are happy for children to return to their primary school for any leavers events / sports day activities / end of year trips but kindly ask that you let us know about any dates where your child will not be attending.