Have you considered Welsh medium education for your child?

You don’t have to be a Welsh speaker for your child to benefit from a Welsh medium education. Whichever language you speak at home, sending your child to a Welsh medium school can give your child extra opportunities, experiences and skills. 

Choosing a Welsh-medium education allows your child to develop bilingual skills, both creatively and academically. 

There are wider benefits to a bilingual education too; including a positive effect on a child’s cognitive abilities, and these benefits last a lifetime.

Advantages of a Welsh/English bilingual education

  • Having the ability to speak Welsh is either an essential or desirable skill for a growing number of jobs.
  • Being able to apply knowledge in at least two languages - research shows that children who understand two languages think more flexibly and creatively.
  • Increases a child’s capacity to learn another language.
  • Offers opportunities to experience two cultures (for example literature, music and digital media) that might otherwise be unavailable to them.
  • Speaking Welsh can help to build a fuller understanding of a person’s wider community and their place within it.
  • It can help with intergenerational transition if grandparents or family members are more comfortable in one language.

Welsh language offers for pre-school families

Cymraeg i Blant / Cymraeg for Kids

Free activities for new parents using English and introducing Welsh.

Ti a Fi / You and Me

‘Mudiad Meithrin’ runs parent and toddler sessions across Wales. You can search for your nearest ‘Ti a Fi’ group on their website (make sure to select the ‘Cylch Ti a Fi’ option for ‘Type of cylch’):

Cylch Meithrin / Flying Start

2-2½ hour sessions. Suitable for children from 2 year old to school age. Some groups provide funded early education places and wraparound services. 

Day nursery / childminder

Ask your local nursery how they use Welsh in everyday activities, you can also contact Wrexham Family Information Service for more information.

Welsh story and song sessions

These sessions are held in libraries across Wrexham County – contact your local library for more information.

More information

You can find information on how to apply for a school place at different stages on the main school admissions webpage

Welsh latecomers

Children can access Welsh medium education as a latecomer up to Year 8 in secondary school. Find out more about our Welsh latecomers and immersion scheme support.