Check your bin day and sign up for reminders

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If you sign up for reminders you’ll receive a weekly email the day before each collection - so you never have to remember what bin goes out when.

The reminders will also reflect any planned changes to the collection schedule.

Collection dates calendars

Alternatively, you can check your collection dates calendar once you know your bin day and calendar number.

How often?

We collect household waste on alternate weeks.

Your black or blue wheelie bin is collected one week and, if you are signed up to the garden waste collection service, your green wheelie bin is collected the following week (apart from during December to February, when green bins are emptied monthly).

Recycling containers are collected on a weekly basis - on the same day as your bin collection.

What time should I put my bin out?

Make sure your bin and recycling container is put out by 7.30am on your collection day.

Bank holidays

Easter, May and August

Collection days stay the same on bank holidays.

Christmas and New Year

Collection days will change during this period. Don’t forget to check your collection dates calendar for collections over Christmas and New Year, or sign up to the bin reminders that will keep you informed without you having to check.