Trees and woodlands are an essential part of our towns and countryside. They are important for our health, wellbeing and quality of life. We cannot take their future for granted.

Climate change, pests and diseases, building development, modern agricultural practices and misplaced perceptions of risk are just some of the problems that threaten our trees.

At Wrexham Council we have developed the ‘Woodland Pledge’ to help protect trees and woodlands across the county borough. The pledge also encourages people to get outdoors to enjoy trees and woodlands in their neighbourhood.

Join the pledge

If you are concerned about trees and woodlands in Wrexham we want you to sign up to the pledge to show your support. 

We encourage anyone to join, including those who are part of a local business, community group or organisation. 

By signing up to the pledge you will join our mailing list, where you can find out how to get involved in 4 different ways: 

  1. Woodland creation
    Tree planting to create new woodland or expand existing woodlands throughout Wrexham. Help us plant more trees by joining one of our tree planting schemes across the county.
  2. Woodland conservation
    Protect and enhance areas of existing woodland for biodiversity, climate change recovery and good quality habitat. 
  3. Woodland celebration 
    Allow nature connection within woodlands for health, wellbeing, play and education. 
  4. Woodland commendation
    Understand how valuable trees and woodlands are to our everyday lives. 

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