Trees and woodlands are an essential element of the county borough’s townscape and landscape; and are integral to the wellbeing, health and quality of life for all who live, work and visit Wrexham. 

Trees add considerable environmental, social and economic value to the county borough. However, their future cannot be taken for granted; climate change, pests and diseases, development, modern agricultural practices and misplaced perceptions of risk are just some of the problems that threaten our trees.

The aim of our Tree and Woodland Strategy is that we have a sustainably managed and protected, healthy and diverse tree population with sufficient canopy cover to benefit and meet the needs of all who live, work and visit Wrexham County Borough. 

We (Wrexham Council) have developed the following ‘Woodland Pledge’ as a demonstration of our commitment to increasing tree canopy cover, and protecting existing woodland across the county borough. 

  1. We acknowledge the vital contribution that trees make to our response to the climate emergency. 
  2. We acknowledge and value the multiple social, environmental and economic benefits of trees and woodland. 
  3. We are committed to the protection and conservation of trees and woodland. 
  4. We are committed to the creation of additional areas of woodland, and planting of trees. 
  5. We view trees and woodland as part of our critical infrastructure. 
  6. We will plan for greener landscapes and communities. 
  7. We will improve health and wellbeing through encouraging and enabling connections with nature and woodland. 
  8. We will actively engage and involve local communities in the management, protection and enhancement of trees and woodland. 
  9. We will actively seek opportunities to work with various partners to maximise opportunities for the creation and protection of woodland across the county borough, for example Wrexham Forest. 
  10. We renew our commitment to ensuring that the aims and objectives of our Tree and Woodland Strategy can be met.