If you are looking for vacant premises in the Wrexham County Borough area, or you would like to identify the availability of land, you can check our land and property database.

If you have any queries regarding the availability of premises or land, please contact us

If you are looking at renting a commercial property for the first time, we're able to provide factsheets outlining what is involved in the process as well as detailing any costs involved. 

We also have the following factsheets available to request

  • A guide to choosing business premises
  • A guide to managed workspace 
  • A guide to business rates
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Applying for planning permission
  • A legal guide for running a business from home

Non-Domestic Rates / Business Rates

Non-Domestic Rates (NDR), are the means by which businesses and users of most non-domestic properties contribute towards the costs of local authority services. You should be able to find the rateable value for most commercial premises of interest online (external link).

The rateable value will then need to be multiplied by the current business rates multiplier for Wales to provide you with the gross rates payable before any rates relief is applied, details of which can be found via the Business Wales website (external link).

If you decide to rent/buy the unit, you will need to inform businessrates@wrexham.gov.uk in order to be registered for non-domestic rates. You will then be issued with a demand notice detailing the amount of rates you are required to pay, if any. You can make any applicable payments online.

Alternatively, you can pay over the telephone (0300 333 6500) by debit card. Monthly payments can also be made by direct debit/standing order, or via the BACS system.

If you are unsure of any aspect of business rates liability, or what you may be required to pay before taking over a unit, you should email businessrates@wrexham.gov.uk or telephone: 01978 298990.

If you are unable to find the property (external link), please contact our Business Rates team.

If the property does require a new valuation, the Business Rates section can refer the matter to the Valuation Office Agency on your behalf once you have provided the full address, the date your lease commenced and the liable party name.

Self-catering properties / holiday lets

If you run a self-catering property or a holiday let in Wrexham, it will need to be valued for business rates if certain conditions are met.

Again, you will need to contact our Business Rates section (via the contact details provided above) to let them know the details of the property. They will then pass on the relevant information to the Valuation Office Agency in order for them assign a non-domestic rate valuation to the property.

Please be aware that if you have converted a domestic property into a holiday let, you will be required to pay Council Tax on the property until such time you meet the qualifying criteria to have the property classed as non-domestic.

Businesses trading from home

It’s possible that a domestic property from which a business is being run may need to be assigned a valuation for non-domestic rates for the part of the property being used for business purposes as well as needing to pay Council Tax. This will depend on for example:

  • If your property is part business and part domestic, for example if you live above your shop
  • Whether the property has been modified in order to run the business, such a garage being converted into a hairdressing salon
  • Whether people are employed to work at the property.
  • Whether goods or services are sold to people visiting the property.

Planning permission isn’t usually required to run a business from home, unless there would be a noticeable impact on your neighbours (in terms of noise for example), there would be a noticeable increase in traffic / parking availability / the amount of people visiting, or if you will be receiving regular / notable deliveries. The planning department of Wrexham County Borough Council will be able to answer any queries you may have from this respect.

As mentioned above, we are able to provide a legal guide for running a business from home, which would be worth reading through if this is something you’re considering. You’ll be able to request a copy by completing our enquiry form.

The Valuation Office Agency

You would need to contact the Valuation Office Agency (external link) should you have any queries regarding the rateable value assigned to your premises or if for instance:

  • You think your business rates valuation is wrong
  • The property or area has changed
  • Your property is no longer used for business
  • Your property has been demolished

Planning permission

In order to develop land or property, for example by constructing a new commercial building or making significant changes to an existing building, it is usually necessary to apply for planning permission.

Planning permission may also be required to change the use of land or the property. The Planning department of Wrexham County Borough Council will be able to answer any queries from this perspective.

Should change of use planning permission be necessary you would need to inform the Valuation Office Agency (external link) of this.

Identify grants / funding for your business

If you are looking to improve the standard of the property you own, financial assistance is available via Wrexham County Borough Council. 

Through various resources we're able to provide access to both accurate and up-to-date information on local, regional and national grant schemes, which you may be eligible to receive, together with details of venture capital providers, loans, peer-to-peer platforms and competitions with a financial reward.

You will be able to request a funding search to identify sources of finance which may be of interest. The information we provide will be based on funding schemes listed as being open for application on third party funding databases.

You can also join our Business and Investment mailing list to be kept up-to-date with any available funding opportunities.