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Wrexham Early Years and primary schools in Wrexham provide a nursery education, including English medium, Welsh medium, voluntary aided and voluntary controlled schools.

Nursery education is offered on the basis of two and a half hour sessions, five times per week, during the 2024/2025 school year.

You should complete Wrexham’s local authority application form to apply for a school place, however in some circumstance you may need to complete a separate application form from the school as well (see further information below on voluntary aided, foundation and out of county schools).

Where we refer to ‘our application’ on this page this means the local authority application - as Wrexham Council is the local admissions authority for community schools in Wrexham County Borough.

Since September 2022 a new Welsh medium community primary school opened in Wrexham County Borough. The school, established on the site previously occupied by the infants department of Borras Park Primary School on Borras Park Road, provides education for children entering nursery / reception.

Parents who wish to apply for a place at this school should select 'Ysgol Llan-y-pwll' as a preference, either using the drop down menu on the online application or by including it on a paper application.

When and how can I apply?

From January 8, 2024 you can apply for a nursery school place for your child. Places are open to children who will have reached the age of three by August 31, 2024.

You can apply online - this is the quickest and easiest way to apply. You will also get an email letting you know your application has been received.

Paper applications are available by emailing

The closing date for applications is February 16, 2024.

Late applications

Late applications are dealt with after those received on time, so it’s important you meet the deadline.

Although it is possible to submit an application after the deadline, if you apply after the end of the allocation period (March 22, 2024) the application cannot be processed until after the offer date (May 7, 2024).

Applying for voluntary aided schools

If you’re applying for a Catholic or Church in Wales voluntary aided school, the school may also require an extra application form and supplementary evidence. If so, you will need to fill in and return their separate application form as well as completing our online (or paper) application.

You should check the deadline on any separate school application form because it may have a different closing date.

Applying for out of county schools

You will need to contact the appropriate admissions authority for the out of county school.

We would still advise that you complete our online (or paper) application even if you are applying for a school outside of Wrexham County Borough - in case the application to your preferred option is unsuccessful.

Out of county schools may have a different admissions timetable to Wrexham County, so you will need to contact and check with the relevant admissions authority to make sure you do not miss the deadline.

Can I state preferences?

You can state preferences for certain schools on your application.

It is recommended you select multiple schools and rank them in order of preference, in case one or more of the requests are not successful (listing the same school more than once does not increase your chances).

What happens after I have applied?

Who decides?

If you have applied for a community primary, nursery, or voluntary controlled school, your application is considered by us (i.e. Wrexham Council, as the local admissions authority).

If you have applied for a Catholic or Church in Wales voluntary aided school, your application will be considered by the governing body of that school.

If the school you have applied for is outside of Wrexham County, your application will be considered by the school’s relevant admissions authority.

When and how will I know about my child’s nursery place?

If you have applied for a community school or voluntary controlled school we will let you know by May 7, 2024 whether your child has been offered a nursery place at your preferred school.

If you have told us that you want to hear via email we will let you know via email, otherwise we will send a letter to tell you about your child’s nursery place.

If you have applied for a Catholic or Church in Wales voluntary aided school you will receive a letter from the school’s governing body by May 7, 2023.

Once you have been told about your child’s nursery place, the head teacher will let you know as soon as possible which sessions your child can attend.

Advice and documents

If you need any further information on the admissions process you can read our parent’s guide.