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Accessible Building Audit - Wrexham Cemetery

Scope of Survey

Our inspection will comprise a visual assessment of the premises in terms of suitability and/or deficiency in respect of Access for the Disabled and Legislation appertaining to Disabled Access including the following:

The assessment is to be carried out by the use of the IPF Access Audit Check List, with recommendations for improvements, which when complete will provide a record of present access arrangements and conditions together with an indication of the scope and cost of the changes and/or improvements which need to be provided to meet the legislative requirements.

The Access Audit Checklist has been compiled to reflect good practice outlined and incorporated in the document 'Access for Disabled People to School Buildings' as published by The Department for Education and Employment, together with 'Designing for Accessibility' published by the Centre for Accessible Environments.

The guides provide good practice in terms of meeting the basic design considerations for all aspects of a building, including those provisions, which fall within the scope of Part M of the Building Regulations.

The survey will be conducted by following a logical approach of how a person would arrive at, enter and use a building, i.e, starting from the nearest point of Public Transport (if applicable) to the entrance of the curtilage of the site and from car parking which is provided within the site, looking at the accessibility of the routes up to all the entrances, followed by entry and circulation.

Costs within the survey are based upon the Schedule of Rates as agreed with the Client and are valid as of 11th March 2003.