Policies in Relation to Education Welfare Benefits

Policy Arrangements for the Provision of Meals and Refreshments

Parents may be entitled to financial support or allowances to help them with their child's schooling. The following paragraphs refer to the range of benefits available to parents who meet the criteria.

Parents who require further details or application forms should ask at their child's school or alternatively contact the Head of Lifelong Learning, 16 Lord Street, Wrexham. Tel: 01978 297407 or email education@wrexham.gov.uk

In person: Contact Wrexham, 16 Lord Street, Wrexham

The Authority will ensure:

  • The provision of a mid-day meal in all primary and special schools with a choice of courses wherever possible.
  • The provision of a mid-day meal in all secondary schools on a cafeteria basis with an individual pricing system
  • Free School Meals will only be provided for pupils whose parents receive Income Support or who receive it themselves.

Facilities will be made available at all primary and secondary schools for children who wish to bring their own mid-day meal.

Education Act 1996 - Charging and Remissions Policy

The full Charging and Remissions Policy of your School Governing Body is available from the Headteacher of the school that your child attends.

LEA Policy on Remissions

Pupils who are entitled to remission are those for whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit or income based Jobseekers Allowance or disability Working Allowance.

Those school journeys/visits that would qualify for full remission of board and lodgings are those which -

  • Take place in school hours as defined
  • Are part of the provisions of the National Curriculum or part of the duty to provide religious education
  • Provide delivery of part of the Syllabus of a prescribed public examination and must satisfy the LEA rules and regulations relating to school journeys.

Discretionary Additions

Pupils who are entitled to statutory minimum remissions may, from time to time, be invited to represent their school or the LEA on foreign exchanges or take part in special field courses or expeditions. In these circumstances, the LEA intends to give such individual cases discretionary consideration.

Details about the procedure for claiming remission are readily available from Heads of Schools and enquiries will be dealt with in confidence. Applications via the Headteacher are processed by the Lifelong Learning Officer Services, 12 Lord Street, Wrexham.

Free School Meals: 01978 297407

Student Awards and Benefits: 01978 297406

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