Building control and planning

If you are improving or repairing one of your properties, or converting a single dwelling, then you may need building regulations approval and/or planning permission.

Building control

If you are carrying out any building work, except for minor repairs/improvements, it is likely that you will need building regulations approval. Building regulations are legal requirements to ensure adequate standards of building work in domestic and commercial buildings.

You can find further information on our building control page.


You are likely to need planning permission for the following types of works:

  • Changing the use of a dwelling (such as a conversion to flats or to a House in Multiple Occupation) 
  • An extension to an existing property or a new building 

You may also need permission for more minor work in areas that are subject to extra controls (such as within a conservation area). You can contact our Planning Department for advice before starting any work to a property.

Landlords Forum

The Landlords Forum provides an opportunity for landlords and others who have an interest in the private rented sector to meet and network together. Information and presentations are provided by speakers with knowledge and experience of the private rented sector.

The forum is held twice a year, typically in February and July.