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How to Arrange a Funeral When Someone Dies

Arrangements for the funeral usually take place once the death certificate has been signed. It is common for most people to seek the services of a funeral director, however you may also arrange the funeral yourself.

Funeral Directors

The average cost of a funeral director is around £2,500. If you are using a funeral director, you should choose one who is a member of either:

Both of these organisations follow codes of practice such as requiring funeral directors to provide clear pricing.

A funeral director offers a long list of services. Some examples of what they do include:

Arranging the funeral yourself

Family and friends of the bereaved may arrange the funeral themselves. To do so, you should get in contact with the Wrexham Register Office

Funeral costs

The costs of arranging a funeral can include:

A funeral director should be able to cover several of these costs within their budget.

Information extracted from Perfect Funeral Plans.

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