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Local and Fairtrade

Local food in Wrexham

Wrexham has an amazing abundance of local produce. Ice cream, chocolates, sausages and bread to name but a few, all produced within the County Borough. Local Food First Wrexham has a fantastic directory of all the local suppliers as well as some scrumptious recipes!  As well as this local food there is a network of local food co-ops across the County with the aim of providing fresh, affordable fruit and vegetables. See more information for details.


Fairtrade is a social movement that helps producers in developing countries. Through the certification scheme it advocates better working conditions, wages, a minimum produce price and higher social/environmental standards. Fairtrade products include not only tea, coffee and bananas but also gold and beauty products. Check out the Fairtrade Foundation website for more information on the fairtrade movement as well as fairtrade products.

Growing your own

Growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and salad can be done by anyone anywhere! Even the smallest balcony, garden and window box can be used to grow fruit and vegetables. A good place to start is by selecting fruit and vegetables that you like and are easy to grow. Some easy starter fruit and vegetables to grow are:

Many of these fruit and vegetables are now available in dwarf varieties especially for container growing. Don’t forget to plant a few flowers near your fruit and vegetables to help the pollinating insects! The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has a wealth of information on growing fruit and vegetables.

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